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Lactation Puppy Chow

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A sinfully delicious snack for a midday boost! Creamy peanut butter and chocolate combined with herbs to help increase your supply. This bag is over 3 lbs of heaven on earth...

Maybe chocolate isn’t your thing? Try the peanut butter puppy chow. Maybe you don’t like peanut butter? What about mint chocolate chip? White chocolate peppermint? 

Can’t have dairy? Gluten intolerance? We can help you too! The dairy-free puppy chow will have you wishing you’d found us sooner. 

Don’t think you have to eat it all at once. (We wouldn’t judge you if you did, we’ve been there.) This bag can be broken down into 4oz portions and frozen for on the go treats!

Ingredients vary depending on flavor but every batch has rice chex, coconut oil and powdered sugar.