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Monster Madness Deals

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​Deal #1: One Monster Lactation Bar Mix and One Monster Cookie Mix for just $39.99! The combination of the two will yield up to 5 DOZEN treats to help boost your milk supply. 

Deal #2: Free Monster Cookie Mix when you buy TWO monster Bar Mixes for just $49.99! Yields up to 7 dozen treats!

Deal #3: Buy THREE Monster Bar Mixes Get a FREE Monster Cookie Mix and a FREE 3 Day Smoothie sampler pack for just $74.99! This yields up to 9 dozen treats and 3 days of smoothies!

The Monster bar mix is flourless and delicious


Each of the monster mixes include mini m&m's and mini semi sweet morsels along with mixing and baking instructions.

**Disclaimer: Due to the heat index, variations with chocolate chips are liable to melt if left in the sun. This does not interfere with the quality of the cookies/bars, or the taste. The chocolate can be broken up in the blender or by hand. If this happens we are not liable as we cannot control the weather.**